Searching for colleges with due process protection
Searching for colleges with due process protection
    • CUSAS is the first step in evaluating schools for due process protections for students.

    About CUSAS

    CUSAS was organized by individuals concerned about the loss of due process protections on America’s campuses. With years of data, court cases, and civil rights complaints behind us, it is clear that some colleges have climates and policies that fall short of basic protections for students. Parents deserve to know more about these schools.

    Searching for College in the Current Campus Climate

    CUSAS helps families ask important questions and make informed choices about college. In the current climate, parents investing their life savings in their children's futures deserve to know about how schools handle Title IX complaints. They deserve the chance to ask tough questions of administrators.

    The Risks of the Current Campus Climate

    Out of school and unemployed

    A finding of responsibility can lead to a permanent mark on the student's academic transcript, making further education and professional employment difficult.

    Ongoing harassment

    Even when not responsible, students can be hounded off campus and out of school. Accusers and their allies sometimes stalk the accused for years afterward, contacting new friends and colleagues to renew their accusations.

    Trauma and Depression

    Accusations lead to isolation and depression as acquaintances shun the accused out of fear of being stigmatized.